Current Projects

We have recently started a project to support education for under-privileged children. We have opened up our first centre in Nazafgarh, New Delhi (INDIA). Currently, 150 childrens are going to school regularly & S4CE is committed to ensure continued education to them. Our primary activities are:

Identify & motivate the children who don't get to the basic education for financial reasons.

Arrange for admission / uniform / books & stationery.

Arrange for their regular tuition apart from their school at the centre.

Spread awareness about importance of education.

Development of our corporate web site ( )

Future Projects

Regular health check-ups of these children.

Identifying and ensuring higher education for deserving children.

Involve corporate business in this social cause.

Develop a web based system for spreading primary education to all sections for education system. The revenue generated thus would be contributed to the cause further.